Truth is, I have always been a music aficionado. I vividly remember in my primary school days, my siblings and I were staging impromptu singing sessions and staying awake late into the night and it would usually take our mother who couldn’t stand the late night racket to break up the session and shepherd us into our bedroom.

Highlife music was the rage in the 1960’s and I was almost word perfect when belting out tunes by the legendary Ramblers Dance Band of Ghana that you would think I could speak Twi or Fanti, two popular Ghanaian languages

Then came soul music with the iconic James Brown leading the charge closely followed by other soul music luminaries like Otis Redding, Wilson ‘Wicked’ Pickett and Papa Rufus Thomas.

In my teens, I embraced rock and roll spearheaded by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones and I started messing around with the guitar but unfortunately, I couldn’t find the fortitude to take that passion to its logical conclusion.

I was totally captivated by the music business and followed closely the stars, their careers and other developments in the global music business. I was also captivated by the movie industry and I can remember vividly the excitement I felt when I had the opportunity to watch my first James Bond 007 movie “Dr No” as a teenager.

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