Music Master

Music Master was my first venture into the publishing industry. It was actually a no brainer that the first magazine I ever published was an entertainment magazine. Show business has always been my passion and it all came naturally.

Music Master hit the newsstands in Nigeria in 1982. It was nationally circulated and it was an instant hit. I was the founding editor-in-chief and my mission was to deconstruct global show business. We ran album reviews, features, star interviews, show business news and also effectively covered the live concerts circuits.

Without a doubt, Music Master published from Lagos, then Nigeria’s capital was truly the country’s premier entertainment magazine. At that point in time, there were also foreign entertainment magazines like “Blues n’ Soul“, “Right On!” and “Root“, not forgetting “Africa Music” published from London.

Fast forward to 2018 when my friends and I launched a programme on radio christened “Talking Music”. The programme runs weekly every Sunday at 3.30pm on Comfort FM 95.1 broadcasting from Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

Talking Music has become a hit with millions of listeners across South-South and South-East Nigeria.

Talking Music is one-of-a-kind music review programme and I strongly doubt if there is anything like it on Nigerian radio.