My production company is called Mataka Productions which I founded in 1978. I have always been intrigued by the publishing business and as a budding writer in my teenaged years, I found that getting my work published by the established publishing houses like Longman, Spectrum and the like was like coming up against a brick wall. I remember when I went to submit one of my manuscripts  at Longman and I was told there was a deluge of manuscripts they were contending with and I was therefore advised to wait for a more auspicious time.

At that point, I came to the conclusion that if I had to wait on these big publishing firms, I would never get my stories to the reading public. I strongly felt that I owed myself and my stories the opportunity to be read by the reading public.

Enter Mataka Productions, which has proved an indispensable production vehicle for me over the years. The way I see it, I blazed the trail in independent publishing before it became fashionable.

All my publications , books and magazines have hit the streets under the auspices of Mataka Productions. My graphic novels ‘The Adventures of Ribadu Fox’ (1984), The Adventures of Mungo Park, The Adventures of David Livingstone (1985), the critically acclaimed and best selling action crime thriller ‘A Cyclone of Dollars’ (1991)and my latest adventure fantasy novel ‘Kalimbo Island’ (2008) have all been published by Mataka Productions.


Mataka Productions also renders publishing services that cover the entire gamut of publishing ranging from conceptualization, typesetting, editing, book-design and printing.

We also undertake the writing of biographies and publishing consultancy for organization who desire to launch their magazines.

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