Emmanuel Ita Akpaka began writing Kalimbo Island in mid-2003 and completed the work in mid-2004, working mostly nights. It was an intense, exciting experience with him having to contend with perennial power outages. He vividly recalls having to make do with candle light most nights.

Perhaps it should be said that for the one year that he spent writing Kalimbo Island, most other activities were put on hold as he virtually lived and worked on Kalimbo Island, day and night.

Kalimbo Island is indeed a breathtaking Adventure Fantasy and like his earlier novel “A Cyclone of Dollars” will make a great movie.

Akpaka believes that Kalimbo Island has got what it takes to attract interest from Hollywood as it would be a cinch for a record-breaking global movie. Meanwhile, he is well on the way to shooting “A Cyclone of DollarsThe Movie which screen-play is based on his earlier novel of the same title, an invertebrate action crime thriller with the obvious potential to redefine the Nigerian movie industry, Nollywood.

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